Tyler Measom


Growing up in a small town in Utah, Tyler Measom seemed destined for a life of anonymity and pity. Then, one fine day, he was inspired to be a filmmaker after watching a particularly meaningful episode of Diff’rent Strokes.

At the tender and impressionable age of 17, Measom started in the film business as a lowly grip. He soon grew weary of carrying C-stands and instead desired to have others carry them for him. He wrote and directed a short film that garnered festival attention and led to producing and directing hundreds of commercials and industrials. This soon led to his career as an award-winning filmmaker with a slew of titles including Sons of Perdition, An Honest Liar and I Want My MTV.

Measom's creativity, hard work and knowledge of the industry makes him an ideal candidate for directing, producing or book signings (bring your own book). Measom lives in the lovely hamlet of Salt Lake under the shade of a large oak tree.  

tyler  (at)   TYLERMEASOM.COM